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stability balls pump 120

inflatible cushion sum 120 twizzler sum 120  foam scooter sum 120
Big Rhino Skin Ball. Sitting stimulates muscles and sensory systems. Many children find it calming to lie on top. Ages 2–12.
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Inflatable Chair Cushion helps children to sit (relatively) still and may improve focus. Ages 3–12. Learn more.

Spring Swings Twizzler Fun Ride. Kids can hang and spin from this “spinner bar” which can have a calming effect. Ages 3 and up.
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Foam Scooter Boards can strengthen extremities, improve posture, and provide vestibular stimulation. Ages 3 and up.
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ladybug scooter sum 120

 fidget basket 120 selected box32 sum
Ladybug Scooter Board features an oversized curved seat; raised grips position the hands away from the wheels. Ages 3 and up. Learn more.

“Fidgets” can help kids to focus and stay calm. Here are some that my patients particularly like. Learn more.

Activities for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder, sensory issues and more.


Learning from bees. Some children with ASD do not recognize a need to improve their social skills. How to explain what’s in it for them. Learn more.

What stimulates sensory systems, muscles and is calming to lie on top of? Stability balls. Learn more.

Losing track of time. Help your child with time management by making it visual. Learn more.

Addressing anxiety, depression, anger and low self-esteem. A game which can be used to help modify emotions. Learn more.