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Should You Eat Cookies in the Bathtub?
The Behavior/Context Card Game

This card game engages kids while helping them understand which behaviors may be appropriate—and which may not—depending upon the situation. Games of varying complexity are tailored to challenge children as they progress. Created by AspergerLife founder Sally Bloch, Phd. Ages 4–12.
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Marbleworks is a construction toy that’s especially helpful in cultivating collaborative play. Ages 5 and up. Learn more.

Cosmic Catch, which features a ball that audibly indicates which player should catch it next, helps increase attention/ awareness and non-verbal communi-
cation. Ages 7–10.
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Parachutes can be used in different ways to create team-building experiences and foster visual communication. Ages 3 and up.
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Modelme Kids DVDs  model appropriate social behavior showing children in real-life settings. Ages 2-17
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Resources that address self-esteem, manners, assertiveness, social relationships, social skills training, dealing with bullies, and more.


Learning from bees. Some children with ASD do not recognize a need to improve their social skills. How to explain what’s in it for them. Learn more.

What stimulates sensory systems, muscles and is calming to lie on top of? Stability balls. Learn more.

Losing track of time. Help your child with time management by making it visual. Learn more.

Addressing anxiety, depression, anger and low self-esteem. A game which can be used to help modify emotions. Learn more.